James Polakof, Ph.D.


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James Polakof Ph.D.

In addition to his Ph.D. and scientific-medical background, Dr. James Polakof has been a motion picture writer, producer and director with 10 films to his credit.  He now serves as Director of the Eternity Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific and credible anecdotal research of Past Lives, Afterlife and Reincarnation.

Dr. Polakof first became interested in the subject matter after reading the book, “Journey of Souls,” written by Michael Newton, Ph.D.   Having been raised in Catholicism, he had always been somewhat sceptical of reincarnation and had never given much thought to ‘Heaven’ beyond what was related during his Catholic school education.  In addition, his scientific background caused him to seriously doubt theories which could not be proven.  What amazed him about Dr. Newton’s findings is that the numerous case histories presented in his books were all obtained under patient hypnosis.  Not only is it rare for someone to be untruthful during their hypnotic state, but Newton introduces a plethora of unrelated testimonies which can be verified and provide consistent threads to establish Afterlife and Reincarnation.  In addition, numerous other specialists in this field, such as Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Jeffrey Marks, have offered evidence conveyed by numerous patients which further establishes the veracity of life after life.

In his novel, “Rebirth of Erin,” Dr. Polakof writes a mesmerizing story which captures a young, beautiful woman’s transition from death into Afterlife, followed by reincarnation. Its content is based upon actual fascinating historical material.


rebirth-of-erin-revised“A historically based novel of a young woman’s struggle, stardom and tragedy. An exciting, thrilling adventure with scintillating romantic overtones…followed by a fascinating experience in Afterlife and her astounding Reincarnation!”

“With vivid realism, the author transcends previous popular best selling novels such as “Heaven Is for Real,” “Proof of Heaven,” and “Miracles from Heaven” to present Afterlife in far greater depth than ever before imagined.”

Reality and Spirituality combine in a dynamic form that rises above contemporary notions of purpose on earth and supernatural concepts.”

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