Art of Reincarnation

Below is a body of famous (and not so famous) works of art that are inspired by Rebirth, Reincarnation, Life after Death. To gain access to the most intriguing rebirth story of all, click on ‘Rebirth of Erin’, “Book of the year”.


Book of the Year –Rebirth Of Erin’

“A historically based novel of a young woman’s struggle, stardom and tragedy. An exciting, thrilling adventure with scintillating romantic overtones…followed by a fascinating experience in Afterlife and her astounding Reincarnation!”

“With vivid realism, the author transcends previous popular best selling novels such as “Heaven Is for Real,” “Proof of Heaven,” and “Miracles from Heaven” to present Afterlife in far greater depth than ever before imagined.”

Reality and Spirituality combine in a dynamic form that rises above contemporary notions of purpose on earth and supernatural concepts.”

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