PAST LIFE – Did it happen?

Past lives are intriguing to us. There are compelling studies of past life experiences in which current lifetimes have been healed, and many cultures have universally believed in their power. Here are some significant facts:
* Past lives exist on the level of the soul or in the “subtle world” as old programs, similar to computer data storage.
* Often by reviewing and releasing these programs or patterns, current life issues can be resolved.
* People carry old patterns like stress, anxiety, fears or addictions, and sometimes there is no obvious cause in the current lifetime; yet there is often a past life connection. “Samskaras” are tendencies of the mind (like self-esteem or insufficiency thought patterns) that come from past life experiences.
* Many Tibetans believe that there is a state called the “bardo” – a transition state between lifetimes, a place of releasing and reviewing past experiences and preparing for future ones.
* You don’t have to re-experience past life programs in order to heal, as there are many approaches to healing; yet it’s interesting, informative and often profound.
* You don’t have to believe in past lives in order to work with them. You can consider them metaphors or conjurings of the imagination, and this approach can still be effective for healing.
* There are often current physical imprints of past lives in the form of birthmarks, physical and emotional pains and wounds.
* Hypnosis is a perfect vehicle for the experience and transformation of past lives.


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