Is a Raped Woman Having an Abortion Still Frowned Upon?

It seems that just when our society was continuing to make great progress toward gender equality, we now may be facing a major setback.  It was 100 years ago that a 17-year-old San Francisco girl by the name of Erin O’Brien endured a savage rape by her boyfriend.  Though she continually screamed “no” – he chose not to listen and proceeded to ravish his prey. 
Unfortunately, matters became worse when Erin discovered she was pregnant. The young man would not accept responsibility and he avoided prosecution because of his wealthy, politically connected family.   Ashamed and with no one to turn to, Erin sought an abortion.  Since this was illegal, she had no choice but to find a back alley abortionist and almost died as a result of the fake doctor’s ineptitude.
Considering the promises and intentions of a new administration, it is not beyond comprehension that this could happen again in today’s America.
Things are moving quickly with a multitude of former policies being overturned.  Thus, it is no longer a question of vigilance, but time to organize and begin applying pressure on our local congressional representatives. It is only out of a concern for reelection will they listen and act to do what is right.

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