Rebirth of Erin

The Fascinating Story of Erin O’Brien’s Life, Afterlife and Reincarnation

*Cover by Michelle Polakof

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Exciting, imaginative storytelling is integrated with suspense and romance as the author draws from actual case histories to broaden our concepts of Heaven and the possibilities of being reborn into a new life.

92% of Reviews from Readers and Critics:★★★★★5 Stars!★★★★★

Now I’m a Believer by Kindle Customer
”After bravely overcoming a series of suspenseful challenges, a tragic death leads Erin to discover that ‘Afterlife’ is much, much more than what we ever imagined about Heaven. It is the ultimate, exciting joy of existence - where she learns there is a purpose for being reborn and that a soulmate is yours for eternity! This novel is a masterful work that brings hope to us all and makes life worth living!”

A Life Filled with Challenges, Fame & Love

Shattered by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Erin O’Brien struggles to survive. At the age of 17 she becomes the victim of a horrific rape, almost dying from a subsequent abortion. Erin fights on, becoming a dime a dance hoofer in the notorious Barbary Coast, constantly facing peril and lusty men. But then, endowed with a magnificent voice and exquisite beauty, she rises to nightclub stardom. Erin’s good fortune continues, discovering a past life soulmate and consumed by a sensuous, passionate romance. Sadly, her new-found love and career are ended by a jealous suitor.


Erin discovers that ‘Afterlife’ is far more than the traditional vision of Heaven. Here she experiences unexpected, euphoric interaction with other souls, while learning the true meaning of life and actual purpose of reincarnation. Almost 60 earth years later she is reborn as Angelina Corelli and the most dramatic, exciting chapter of her many lives begins.

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★★★★★More than a good read by Amazon Customer
"This is impressive work! The author weaves an attention grabbing, sustaining story around a reincarnation theme that is both thoughtful and ultimately optimistic - one holding that in addition to the often painful and ugly realities of life there can also be hope, healing and multiple opportunities to grow and contribute. This novel is more than a well-crafted good read. It is a journey full of encouraging possibilities. I truly hope that Dr. Polakof's vision of opportunities to ‘enrich our souls’ over many lifetimes is one I can look forward to."

★★★★★ Very interesting and thought provoking by Di O'Brien
“I picked this book because of my curiosity of reincarnation. The story is very interesting and well written. While it's basically a work of fiction, as I read I found myself wondering could this actually be, or do I just wish it to be so. I found it thought provoking and leaving me with wanting to read more on this subject. After all, who wants to think that our short time on earth is all there is?”

★★★★★ Loved it by Maybelle
“I felt every word of this book. Heartbreaking, disturbing, unfortunate and yet full of love, intrigue and hope.”

★★★★★ Holy $#!÷ by Amazon Customer
“This book has knocked me off my feet literally, brought deeply healing tears into my eyes, caused me to dig deeper into my own beliefs and attitudes, and, in one moment, feel spiritually connected to my long ago departed grandmother…”

★★★★★ Yes, I Believe in Afterlife by Kindle Customer
“This book is so touching and reassuring to a believer in reincarnation. As the final act of this life's drama closes it is wonderful to know what is ahead.”

Join the many readers who have discovered there is more to life, Afterlife and Reincarnation than they ever imagined.  You will quickly understand why they have given the "Rebirth of Erin O'Brien" 5 Star reviews!

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“With vivid realism, the author transcends previous popular best-selling novels such as "Outlander," "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," "Cloud Atlas," "Proof of Heaven," "Life After Life," and "Heaven Is For Real" - to present Afterlife and the reality of Past Lives in far greater depth than ever before imagined.”



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James Polakof, Ph.D.

James Polakof, Ph.D.

Combining exciting, imaginative storytelling with a plethora of scientific research, James Polakof transcends our concepts of Heaven and the possibilities of being Reborn into a new life. In addition to becoming spellbound by a fascinating story, readers will discover exciting cerebral, emotional and spiritual stimulation.


Discover the Truth about Past Lives ~ Afterlife ~ Reincarnation