Rebirth of Erin

A Supernatural, Romantic Thriller

The Fascinating Story of Erin O’Brien’s
Life, Afterlife and Reincarnation

Rising from the ashes of a devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Erin O’Brien struggles to overcome adversity and a violent rape. Initially working as a “dime a dance” hoofer in the notorious Barbary Coast, sheer determination combined with exquisite beauty enable her rise to nightclub stardom, achieving celebrity status. Good fortune and happiness further multiply when she discovers her soulmate from a previous life in a sensuous, fiery romance. However, Erin's remarkable love affair and career are suddenly stymied by a jealous suitor, who forces Erin to choose between life, or a tragic, unmerciful death.


For Erin, “Afterlife,” is far more than the traditional vision of Heaven. She encounters an incredulous, unique existence among other souls, experiencing pure love, unexpected euphoria, unique relationships and amazing sensuality. It is here that her spiritual entity learns the true meaning of life and actual purpose for reincarnation.


Erin reincarnates in Milan, Italy, as Angelina Corelli, the daughter of an aspiring opera singer. Unaware of her past life, Angelina returns to San Francisco, confronting formidable obstacles, and striving for altruistic goals in a corporate driven environment. But it is indeed a worthwhile journey as once again she rediscovers love in a scintillating, passionate romance with her eternal soulmate, Iain. Together they strive with a mutual purpose of helping others.

Finally, there is hope this relationship will endure over time. But soon they become engulfed in a terrorist crisis and their survival, hopes and dreams are threatened by an incredible conflict that consumes an impoverished third world nation.

With exciting, imaginative storytelling, author James Polakof, draws from actual case histories to transcend our concepts of Heaven and the possibilities of being reborn into a new life.

Cover design by Michelle Polakof


Warning:  While this novel is enveloped by a beautiful love story, due to sexual content, it is strictly appropriate for adult reading.

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“With vivid realism, the author transcends previous popular best-selling novels such as "Outlander," "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," "Cloud Atlas," "Proof of Heaven," "Life After Life," and "Heaven Is For Real" - to present Afterlife and the reality of Past Lives in far greater depth than ever before imagined.”



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James Polakof, Ph.D.

James Polakof, Ph.D.

Combining exciting, imaginative storytelling with a plethora of scientific research, James Polakof transcends our concepts of Heaven and the possibilities of being Reborn into a new life. In addition to becoming spellbound by a fascinating story, readers will discover exciting cerebral, emotional and spiritual stimulation.


Discover the Truth about Past Lives ~ Afterlife ~ Reincarnation